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Secronom Laboratories was one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the old world, with their main product being the Nerotonin medical virus series.

Secronom's genetic engineers were the ones who created the Nerotonin-4 virus strain, which by itself was a simple medical prototype virus aimed at erasing cancer. Although, due to its experimental status, it was still rather unstable and easily merged with another unknown genetic strain and formed the highly hazardous Nerotonin-4 virus.

The majority of Secronom scientists warned the world about the danger of the N4 virus, but most countries either didn't heed their warnings or it was too late for them already. The United States of America were a perfect example of a powerful country, which quickly fell simply due to ignoring the real threat. After the so-called "Apocalypse", the "End of the World" and however else people called the devastation following the first week of the outbreak which eradicated about 99% of human civilization on earth, only very few of Secronom's scientists remained and even fewer showed their faces to the other survivors.

The few publicly known genetic engineers, who have survived both the Outbreak and the revealing of their past occupation are among the best of the engineers left, with some of them directly planning with reputable survivors to raid the local Secronom facilities to recover and possibly use whatever they may be able to salvage from the ruins.


2043 December 17

Secronom Laboratories begins Project Lazarus at their lab in Marksburg.

2044 January 20

Project Lazarus finishes developing the first generation of the Nerotonin-1 Virus (N1-Virus) and begins testing it on dead lab rats in an attempt to convert cadavers into self-perpetuating mobile biological vectors. All tests fail.

2044 January 28

Project Lazarus injects the N1-Virus into a living rat specimen, no visible changes documented.

2044 January 30

Rat specimen has died after its immune system was destroyed by the N1-Virus. All documentation and specimens of the N1-Virus have been incinerated.

2044 March 5

Project Lazarus begins testing N2-Virus on live rat specimens.

2044 March 9

All rat specimens exhibiting increased size and aggression.

2044 March 10

All rat specimens exploded, All documentation and specimens of the N2-Virus have been incinerated.

2044 May 3

Project Lazarus develops the N3-Virus, crazed scientist injects himself with the N3-Virus before jumping into the incinerator with all of the documentation and specimens of the N3-Virus.

2044 May 6

After three days in the incinerator, the crazed scientist has stopped screaming.

2044 June 16

Project Lazarus finishes N4-Virus and begins testing it on live rats.

2044 June 18

All rat specimens displaying increased appetite and aggression.

2044 June 19

All rats stopped breathing, only some have stopped moving, all rats displaying necrosis on varied parts of the body.

2044 June 21

Project Lazarus deems the N4-Virus successful in creating an undeath in rats and moves onto testing the N4-Virus on human subjects.

2044 July 4

All test subjects display increased aggression and decreased intelligence. Subject 5 has grown 6 inches and put on extreme levels of muscle mass.

2044 July 19

All specimens stopped breathing, the heart monitors placed in them recorded their hearts had stopped beating at 0200 and started beating again at 0600. All subjects display severe necrosis mainly on the limbs, Subject 5 has grown another 18 inches since last measured.

2044 July 21

Specimen 5 escaped into Marksburg, taking the other 4 specimens with him. Secronom declared total quarantine on the lab in Marksburg, but was unable to maintain control.

2044 August 3

Undead attacks in Marksburg are passed off as riots by Secronom as they try to contain the situation.

2044 August 25

The Undead vastly outnumber the living, the local armed forces can no longer contain the threat and the city is evacuated. The Undead follow their food and escape Marksburg.

2044 December 17

One year after Project Lazarus began, the world is a wasteland of destruction.
There are some small pockets of human resistance in remote outposts, gangs of raiders roam around looting and killing humans and zombies alike. The undead are the most dangerous thing you may encounter, often hunting in packs satisfying their thirst for blood and infecting humans with the N4-Virus at the same time. Remember, Death is only the beginning.

I am God (which explains the outbreak), defy me and zombies will feast on your brains, literally.
You are in Marksburg.
You cannot leave Marksburg
Your character must be human.
No super powerful weapons, at first.
No Genetic enhancements.
No leading an outpost.
No leading a raider gang.
Your character must be alone to start off with.
There is wildlife, wildlife cannot be infected with the N4-Virus.
Marksburg is roughly twice the size of New York City.

Character Sheet:

Pre-outbreak Occupation: (you were not in charge of any of the cities, you were not employed by Secronom, that leaves police forces, armed forces, mercenaries and any of the jobs classified as civilian)
Starting weapon: (must be a pistol, you will only have enough ammo to fully reload 3 times)
Appearance: (physical and apparel details)
Background: (you don’t have to be from Marksburg, but you have to say how you came to be there)

Here's my character sheet:

Name: Alberto Nadriin, or "Al" for short.
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Pre-outbreak Occupation: Police Officer
Current weapon: [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taurus_Millennium_series"].32 Taurus Millennium[/URL]
Appearance: About 5"10', long brown hair. He still has his worn down police armour, although the colour and lettering has been worn off. Blue denim jeans, holes in the knees, and torn in various places.
Background: Born in 2000, joined police in 2020, family killed by a gas explosion in 2023 left leg amputated because of shrapnel from the same explosion that killed his family, and got a prosthetic leg the same year. He was moved to Marksburg in 2024 to deal with the rising crime there. Now he is on his own in a camp he set up in the outskirts of Marksburg, just barely surviving on what little supplies he has left.

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